Haters Gonna Hate

Haters Gonna Hate!  This is my open letter to the dimwits in cyberland.  As one of  those who post comments on a lot of boards, I hear that a lot!  Its been espscially prevalent since the Logan/Kenseth thing got going and now that KyBu won the Championship, I see a lot of this.

My opinions are just that, Mine.  You don’t have to agree, and I often expect most not to agree with me.  I actually like that.  But, before you say it, state what exactly haters hate!

Why?  I try to back up my opinions with facts; statistics and relative information.  Me, myself, I won’t say something if I haven’t researched it, at least a little.  Does that make me correct?  Sometimes, sometimes not.  I will admit when I am wrong.  I have mis-read the stats. I have taken ositions which, in hind sight, were just wrong.  I have even changed my opinion based on someones response to me.  That’s really cool, if you ask me!

But I never resorted to “Haters gonna hate”.  That’s what you say when your fandom eclipses logic.  It’s a cop out!  They can’t make an argument in favor of their guy, so to cut the argument short.  “Haters gonna Hate, so don’t bother me!”

To you sir, I say, don’t waste my time.  Just shut up.  If you want to contribute to a discussion, add a real thought.  Why do you think I am a hater?  Where is my logic wrong? Make an argument.  Passion is great, blind passion is foolish.

And it makes you look like like an idiot!

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